Shifter in a Bicycle

Even Bicycles have not been spared from the many new changes that have taken place in their construction, and the times when one did not need to worry about changing gears when using mountain bikes have long since gone, and today one is used to the many different speed bikes that also have a mountain bike shifter. From the earlier versions when the mountain bike shifter could have been nothing more than a couple of levers that were a part of the bike’s frame close to the handlebars, things have changed and today the mountain bike shifter have since undergone many a change. Today, the mountain bike shifter has been moved to the handlebar and newer version even has dials that are very nifty to look at, and which are placed close to the grip. So, even the ten speed mountain bikes are now dated as the newer bikes have as many as twenty-seven speeds, which makes one wonder what the need for so many gears really is.

The main aim in having so many gears is that the ride is not only faster but also quite simpler as well. So, today there are many different mountain bike shifters available that are also priced differently, and this essential piece of equipment is what helps riders shift gears. In the beginning, the mountain bike shifter was no more than what was then known as friction shifters and were levers which were worked by pulling cables that were connected to derailleur. The friction shifter was a bit troublesome since its design made it possible for the rider to get stuck between gears which could cause damage to the gears, which meant that a new type of shifter became necessary, and the one that was then found to be more effective was the index shifter.

The advantage to using the index shifter was that it could be calibrated as well as had fixed stopping points so that riders could change gears perfectly, and this type of mountain bike shifter remedied the faults with the friction shifter. And, the shifter can be placed at any part of the bike, so that it makes the ride smoother as well as trouble free. The need for good mountain bike shifters is underlined when one realizes that mountain bikes need to go through several gear changes which is essential to traverse difficult mountain terrains. So, there is need for higher gears for coming downhill and riding the flats, while lower gears will help when climbing difficult inclines. The ideal time to use the mountain bike shifter is when there is not much stress on the pedal, because if there is a lot of pressure on the pedal and you choose to shift gears, it could end up damaging the whole gear shifting contraptions.

So, before you buy a mountain bike makes sure that you check that it has the right type of mountain bike shifter which will ensure that your mountain biking experience is fun and easy as well.

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