Mountain biking is a fun sport. It promotes good exercise and appreciation of the great outdoors. A mountain bike is a specifically designed bicycle to maneuver over rough terrain and off road areas. It also has several specific parts that are usually used for mountain bikes only. The frame or body is the most important of the mountain bike parts because this is the biggest and this is your basis for all your other mountain bike parts. It is here that you will attach all the other parts that you will need to be able to use your mountain bike. Frames come in many sizes and shapes and even have different materials depending in the rider’s preference.

Bike frames come in steel alloys, very heavy and used in the first generation mountain bikes. The aluminium alloy frames are lighter and more rigid. They are also more affordable and easier to make into the desired shapes because they are more pliable. Titanium frames are the most expensive among the lightest frames in the industry but they are also the most durable and less likely to corrode or break due to high pressure and stress. Other materials are carbon fibre and Kevlar. These frames are also light but they are prone to corrosion and are irreparable once dented or broken,

Other mountain bike parts are the handlebars which is used to control the bike along with the crank and derailleur. Handlebars are supposed to be as wide as the biker’s shoulders but these can be cut to suit the biker’s preference. Cranks are the mountain bike parts that are attached to the chainrings and the chains to make the bike move. Pedals are attached to the cranks for a biker’s feet or bike shoes. The derailleur is the part used to shift the chain from one chain ring to another to change the speed of pedalling.

More mountain bike parts are the shifters and gears. These are connected to the previous mountain bike parts. The shifters control the derailleur to accommodate the shifting of the gears from a low speed to high speed. Gears are several rings that have teeth around them where the chains slip into place to be able to make the rear wheel move. The brakes, wheels and tires are mountain bike parts that are also essential for the ride. Brakes help to stop or slow the speed of the rider while the wheels and tires are specifically designed to withstand the rough terrain where the bike and rider go. Most mountain bikes use front suspension or shock to absorb the impact of the rough terrain. One of the more important parts of the accessory of a mountain bike is the helmet. Always wear one when you are riding your bike.

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